The Sexual Health Rehabilitation Service offers specialist clinical services at two sites: Blusson Spinal Cord Centre at Vancouver General Hospital and at the GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre. It is a specialized service that’s unique in Canada, including five Sexual Health Clinicians and a Sexual Medicine Doctor, trained in sexual health, disability and rehabilitation. Our goals are to facilitate the sexual health rehabilitation of clients and their families through medical intervention, education and emotional support; to provide education to health care providers, students and health care consumers; to lead in advanced research initiatives that will develop our knowledge of sexuality and disability.

We know that sexual health can be a private and sensitive subject and we work to be respectful of individual and family values and beliefs while protecting your privacy. Our work is based on a nonjudgmental approach, geared towards the readiness of you and your family, and your sexual health goals.

Shea Hocaloski RN, B.TechN

Shea started working with the Sexual Health Rehabilitation Service in 2004. She is currently working as a Sexual Health Clinician at the Blusson Spinal Cord Centre in both sexual health rehabilitation and sperm retrieval. Shea is keenly interested in male and female fertility, working within the Vancouver Sperm retrieval clinic since 2005 and has been involved in numerous projects relating to male fertility and sperm retrieval. She was also involved in the development of the Pregnancy and Spinal Cord Injury booklet and brochure.

Marie Carlson RN, BSN, CRN(C)
Marie is a Certified Rehab Nurse who has worked in the Sexual Health Rehab Service since 2000. Marie has experience in all areas of sexual health rehab assisting clients to optimize their sexual lives and relationships following injury and chronic illness. Marie’s focus includes education for clinicians and persons living with disability, mindfulness practice, ethics, and human rights. Marie is co-author of the BC Guidelines for Supporting Sexuality and Intimacy for Adults in Care, Group Homes, and Assisted Living, is Co-Chair of the VCH Disability & Rehab Ethics Committee, and is involved in LGBTQ2S+ community and health care initiatives.
Dr. Stacy Elliott
Dr. Elliott is a Sexual Medicine Physician trained to assess and treat sexual and reproductive problems in persons with illness or injury. She has a particular interest in sexual and fertility rehabilitation in persons with  neurological disability. Dr.Elliott works with a team of nurses in a hospital setting, seeing patients, teaching young doctors and other health care professionals, and doing research. She presents the work of her team at national and international conferences and has written many academic journal articles and book chapters. Dr.Elliott was recognized for her work in sexual rehabilitation and fertility in persons with spinal cord injury in 2012 by receiving the QE II Jubilee medal.
Rachel Nicoletti, BSN
Rachel graduated from Douglas College in 2010 with a Bachelors’ of Science in Nursing. She developed a strong interest in sexual health while working with women in the community setting. This led her to become certified in Reproductive Health in 2012, and expand her practice to working with youth in sexual health clinics. Rachel joined the Sexual Rehab Team in 2017 and has developed a passion for her work in providing sexual health education and care to clients with disability or illness and their partners.

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Please get in touch with us if you are interested in being referred to our service, if you have questions about the site, or if you are looking for sexual health rehabilitation services outside of our practice area. The Sexual Health Rehabilitation Service takes referrals for clients in Canada, primarily within British Columbia. If you are outside of this area, we may be able to connect you to a sexual health clinician closer to you.

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